Who are we?

We are a group of people who want to help people in rural areas who cannot afford a pair of shoes.

Why shoes?

Shoes have long been linked to one’s dignity. On a more practical level rural areas are known for their lack of good transports systems. People walk a lot more in those areas.

Can you donate cash?

No! Not at all. We are a grassroots “organisation”. We would like your shoes (used or new). Any size. Male or female or kids. So please clean out your shoe closet. There is always a pair you will never wear… even better, perhaps even parting with a pair that you will.

What about school shoes?

That’s the golden ticket, isn’t it? Black school shoes welcomed. Any size for boys or girls.


We are grateful and thankful to God for the things and opportunities we have, it is thus more our duty than our charity to help others get … back on their feet!



Rudi de Louw – thank you for the excellent website.

Latest news:

A big thank you to the Abel and Grohowski families from the US for their awesome shoe collection efforts – these were distributed at Morris House in Sophiatown. Check out the gallery.